The ElevenTen Experience™ Podcast

The ElevenTen Experience™ 

Each week, your hosts, Peter J. Holgate & Tara Dobbs explore the incredible back stories that are part of the entrepreneurial adventure (both successes and failures). If you enjoy listening to the hidden stories that drive entrepreneurial accomplishments and prefer your own vicarious take-aways rather than scripted advice, this deeply vulnerable podcast is for you.

Episode 1: Fast Food Madness

Would you buy a retail fast food franchise? Listen to a first hand account of how to buy and grow a reputable retail franchise operation…and still lose money and face the tough decision of whether to keep going or closing shop. Jordan West is the co-founder of Little and Lively clothing and Mindful Marketing.

Episode 2: The Priorities that Really Matter

How do you make the crucial decisions around which path to take? The answer is not always simple particularly when you are already enjoying significant success at one of the fastest growing companies in town. Ashley Ward is the Chief Operating Officer at Romex Canada West. 

Episode 3: Heart Attack in the Back Country

What happens when you are a young, fit, healthy, top-level skier cruising the backcountry and you find yourself short of breath? Phil takes us through his experience and how a heart attack in the middle of nowhere shaped his life as an entrepreneur. Phil Chatterton is the co-founder and president of Warmcall.

Episode 4: Game Changers

What $4.5 Bn industry segment grew by 11% last year? Jordan Rogers is the owner of Lloyd James Plant Based Food Sales.

Episode 5: That Moment When Everything Changes

What is that moment that you stopped, realized you were not fulfilled and decided to upend your life? In this episode, successful corporate lawyer Aly looks out the top floor office window on a rainy Vancouver evening and decides to leave it all behind and become an entrepreneur. Aly Kanji is the President and Chief Executive Officer at InsureLine.

Episode 6: Adventures Round the World

What do you get when you mix a nuclear engineer with an SAS special forces operator? The experiences that James shares in this podcast will open you mind to what is possible. James is the Chief Executive Officer of Lithium Energy Products.